Nick Belsey Book #4

Nick Belsey’s on the run.

Touching down in Mexico City, he doesn’t have much in the way of funds, but he has a new continent and surely that’s enough to start afresh. But it’s not as easy as that. An idyllic interlude in a coastal village is interrupted when men turn up who seem to know exactly who he is. And they have some very urgent questions.

DI Kirsty Craik had also hoped she’d left Nick Belsey behind her, in the wilder days of her career. When a five am call instructs her to track him down or she’ll be dead by Christmas, it seems he’s walked back into her life with characteristic commotion. Craik is forced to break the rules once more to find out what her former lover is up to.

She needs to save herself, and, just maybe, to save Belsey too.


‘A Season in Exile is an intelligent, brilliantly plotted and paced thriller whose chief theme — police corruption in the Met — could not be more topical. DI Craik is a well-drawn, complex, thoughtful protagonist … but the scenes involving Nick Belsey have a poetic texture and a turbulent, anarchic verve that set them apart. If you need to feed your Mick Herron habit, Oliver Harris could be just the fix; he is class A.’

Declan Hughes, The Irish Times

‘Oliver Harris is an outstanding writer and the most “American” writer we have: by which I mean he combines violence and romance, a sense of place and humour, in the same, exciting way as, for example, Michael Connelly or Robert Crais. He deserves to be far more widely appreciated.’

Mark Sanderson, The Times

‘As good as crime fiction gets.’

Chris Deerin, The Big Issue

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