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All excerpts are © The Hollow Man and Deep Shelter by Oliver Harris.


  1. Jim

    I am a Met DC with not the best of reputations. This book reads like someone stole my life!

    Genuinely the first novel I’ve read which captures the conflicting narcissism of a detective who would like, when possible, to do the right thing.

    It’s a work of genius with a tremendous plot, I desperately hope there is a sequel.

  2. Thelma Miller

    I have just finished reading the “Hollow Man” and loved every minute of it. I belong to a reading group, at a local library and it was our book of the month. It kept me absolutely gripped until 3,00am one morning, I just couldn’t put it down. My daughter lives in Crouch End , so I know the area you covered very well. My Grand-children have friends in the Hampstead area and I have visited many homes, like the one you described (unbelievable) This novel would make a BRILLIANT film or TV series. Please write some more about Nick, he is a most interesting character. I saw “Argo” this week too, so my nerves are shattered. !!!! What a movie that is. !!i

  3. Henry Beer

    Hi Oli,
    I’m smack in the middle of Hollow Man. Seriously hooked. Enough to write now and not later.
    I’ve visited London several times, though I’m not really well-versed enough to recognize all the placements – I’ll take a look at the pinterest site and get up-to-date. My gf lived there for 6 years, so she’ll also fill me in when I pass this along to her.
    Also, glad to hear you’ve continued on with the same character. I’ll be seeking that out next. You write very well, full stop.

  4. Ben K.

    I’m halfway through the print version of Hollow Man and it’s an amazing piece of detective fiction. I tend to consume my books in audio format because I travel a lot, but the only audio versions of Mr. Harris’ work I’ve been able to find are noted on decidedly … dodgy websites. Any recommendations on where I can find the audio versions from more reputable sources? Amazon is a bust, but hope springs eternal.

  5. Oliver Harris

    Hey Ben. Delighted you enjoyed it. Cheers for dropping a line. Looks like the audiobooks are on itunes as well. Not sure if that’s any better from your point of view, but hope so.

  6. martin stockman

    Hi Oli,
    I live across the Heath in leafy Highgate Village .. loved Hollow Man and now devouring Deep Shelter .. any chance of placing Nick in N6 in his next caper? Thanks for the depravity and truth!

  7. Simon Dillow

    Top job Oliver.Nick is my favourite anti hero.No matter what he does,you just can’t help rooting for the guy.His numerous contacts such as the iffy chemist and the bar owners all ring true and add to the authenticity that prevails throughout the three books.Deep Shelter is a tour de force.Your research on the tunnels running through the city has paid dividends as there is not a single false note in the book.I look forward immensely to seeing how Nick extricates himself from his latest predicament.

  8. Nicholas James Belsey

    Top detective book, where did you dream up the name. Yours, Nicholas James Belsey. Rolleston-on-Dove,Staffs

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